Highland Gathering & Games

Alanah gordon's winning poem

The Yearly Lonach Spirit

Lonach his bin a tradition for mony years,
It is celebrated wi’ loads o clappin and cheers.
As the Lonach pipe band and highlanders march in the mornin’,
Lots of folk watchin will feel their herts warmin’.

At the back comes the horse ca’ad Socks,
Fa follows the march leadin abody who flocks,
Tae see the highlanders and jine in the fun.
Oh foo cheery we are fin there is sun.

As they march tae the Lonach Hall,
And shout ho ho Lonach as it is the call.
They hiv their denner and say a wee speech,
Then march back tae the park tae hae a dram each.

In the arena there’s lots happening its jist such a guid thing,
Like the heavy events and the dancers doin their heilan fling.
Outside the arena there’s so much tae see,
Stalls selling tartan and rides fillin kids with glee.

The Lonach pipe band is a spectacular sicht,
And if the drams keep flowin they’ll play intae the nicht.
The highlanders are cheery and prood as can be,
Hiv you nae bin tae Lonach? it is somthin you shid see.
The march is so special year efter year,
Bringin folk hame tae Strathdon, keeping family near.
I am so lucky tae live in the glen,
The yearly Lonach spirt his me smiling again and again.

by Alanah Gordon